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CoffeeWorld Products

Coffee 29 Plus is an 8-in-1 herbal-based drink and finished with an exquisite smooth tasting delightful coffee.

It comes in a convenient 20 gram sachet ready to serve. Coffee 29 Plus is formulated based on a selection of fine herbs that possess profound characteristics to generate energy. The prominent and notable herbs used are Maca, Butea Superba, Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto and Tongkat Ali.



1. Promotes physical, mental and inner health
2. Lowers blood cholesterol
3. Activates metabolism
4. Improves blood circulation
5. Enhances immunity
6. Improves energy level, stamina and endurance
7. Prevents diabetes
8. Promotes digestive regularity
9. Anti-inflammatory
10. Anti-tumor effects
11. Improves muscle growth & body strength
12. Strengthens male reproductive organ
13. Erectile Dysfunction
14. Increases male performance


Premium Arabica Coffee blends for everyday energy

Balances the endocrine system with focus on the hypothalamus/pituitary axis, which governs the intricate and delicate hormonal system of our body.

Butea Superba

This herb is mainly found in Thailand. It possesses highly proven nutritional value that has been used for strength and vitality.

Tribulus Terrestris

Increases serum concentration of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, improves muscle growth & body strength

Saw Palmetto

Strengthens the thyroid gland, balances the metabolism, stimulates appetite and aids in digestion.

Tongkat Ali

Malaysia’s renowned herb. It has direct impact on testosterone in the human body.

Coffee World Products

Coffee. It is so much more than just a drink.
At Coffee World you will find more than coffee. You will find a comfortable place to enjoy a simple and satisfying bite to eat that goes with your favorite beverage.


Macca boost coffee is an energy coffee with lots of benefits for both male and female. Its often used to increase energy levels and hormonal balance. Enchases mood and reduce depression or anxiety when consuming Macca

A cup of Macca Boost Coffee will definitely take you back to work and sex vitality, spirit and confidence.
Macca Boost Coffee is loaded with this 6 powerful ingredients:

1 Black coffee
2 Epimedium extract
3 Tongkat Ali
4 Maca
5 ginseng
6 fructose

The major benefits of Macca Boost coffee
*Providing long lasting energy
*Enchanting memory focus and concentration
*Increasing stamina and endurance
*Supporting a healthy libido and increased sexual performance
*Strengthening teeth and bones

- Enhance endurance and activate estrus hormones
- Regulate hormones and promote libido
- Improve athletic performance
- Improve blood flow
- Increase body hormones in the body
- Prevent spongy fibrosis and restore smooth muscle function
- Improve blood circulation to enhance hardness
- Protect cells from harm and enhance cell function
- Improve blood vessel metabolism and reduce body inflammation
- Reduce fatigue .


It's nice connecting to this amazing products. Have been passing through this challenge since 3 months ago even though it was difficult to share with anyone because of the nature of this problem, I first noticed every morning when urinating the colour are very scaring then came this thick smegma that always come out mostly in the morning.
But after my first week of taking the MACCA BOOST tea it flushed them out and my sexual performance is increasing daily. I want to order more

Alex Emeka

COFFEE 29 This tea is fantastic. I take it everyday & I feel stronger, & healthier. I purchase enough of Coffee 29 every month because it gives me the worth of my money.

Alh Abdurahman

The coffee is working, I say it again and again this coffee is superb am enjoying it


My experience with coffee 29 plus is amazing have been using it for 3 years now and it as never failed me

Mr Innocent Phillip

Coffee 29 has made my wife smile again...just 2 days before l got it, madam had given me the yabbis of my life because I started to arouse her but stopped along the way when l couldn't get it up. Just 2 days later she was asking if 'e never do me'? And l smile silently and l have continued to win now. Thank you


I addlly can satisfy my woman and it as become a major problem in our marriage until I can across coffee 29 plus. It works like magic and till now I can't stay a month without wanting to have a taste of it again

Mr Emmanuel Michael 

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